Thursday, 8 October 2009

I was at college last night and here is my cake that I decorated, I'm pleased with how it turned out as I have never iced a cake before. The only thing is I think it kind of looks like a hat but this is the way Brenda showed the class how to ice the cake.
Brenda started by showing, how to make butter cream and how to fill the cake with jam and butter cream. We all then did this to our own cakes and put a thin layer of butter cream round the whole cake, which helps the sugar paste to stick. We then rolled out the sugar paste and covered the cake completely, then gently pressed the sugar paste onto the cake and smoothed the top and the sides of the cake using a smoother. Then I trimmed off any excess sugar paste and used a crimper to make the little heart shapes around the cake. I finished off the cake with the ribbon and bow and then added the little flowers, that I had already made. The cake was delicious, there is half left but it probably won't last long! Next week we will be making a model of a figure of either a baby or a teddy bear.

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