Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Here is a cake that I made today, for a little boy called Nathan who will be eight tomorrow. When he first asked for a dalek cake, I was a bit stuck to how I was going to do it but it went really well and I enjoyed making it!

I made the cake by, making two large sponge cakes and cut out the shape by using a template. Once I had put jam and butter cream in between the cake, I covered it with sugar paste, that I had coloured black. Then using a picture of a darlek, I added all the details and painted some parts silver.

I dropped the cake off this evening and Nathan looked so pleased with it, he said it was "great" also his mum said that he was very excited and has been telling everyone that he is getting a darlek cake, bless!

Rhys' Cupcakes.

I looked after my friends little boy, Rhys, on Monday for a few hours and we made some cakes. Rhys was really good at making the cakes and especially liked using my electric whisk! Once the cakes were done, we put jam and butter cream on, then the sugar paste. Rhys added a few special touches to some of the cakes but then he could not wait any longer to eat one so whilst he was enjoying his cake, I piped the names of Rhys' brother and sister, my niece and my partner, on the rest of the cakes.
I was really impressed with how well he did at making these cakes and he certainly enjoyed it!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Jack!

It was my nephew, Jack's birthday party yesterday and here is the cake that I made him. It is a vanilla sponge with jam and butter cream, everyone at the party loved it and thought the sponge was really moist, which is good because who wants to eat dry cake!
I cut the cake into the shape of a number 7, using a template I had made, then covered the cake with yellow sugar paste, put a silver ribbon around and then glued the silver stars on the top, that I had made from sugar paste and painted silver. I then used the rest of the stars and put on to wires and put them into the cake. I made a few red stars and a large red star which I piped "Happy Birthday Jack".

I made the model of Jack the night before, if you look carefully you can see he is playing his Nintendo DS, which is something he loves to do!
The cake went down really well and Jack's younger brother, Thomas wants the same for his 5th birthday, next year, bless him!

Here is Jack, getting ready to blow out his candles.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Final Masterpiece!

It was my last night at college on Wednesday and we were asked to bring in a fruit cake and our finished flowers, that we had to arrange into a spray. Brenda showed us how to cover the cake with marzipan and sugar paste. She then went on to show us how to attach our flowers on the cake and a few other decorating ideas. I then covered my cake with marzipan and sugar paste, then put a ribbon around the cake and placed my flowers non top, using a small piece of sugar paste to secure them. Using a crimmper tool, I crimmped around the cake board, which I had covered with sugar paste, then I cimmped the top and around the sides. I used a rose embosser around the sides and dusted each rose to add a touch of colour.
I am really pleased with my cake, Brenda was really impressed and she thought my flowers were lovely! I am donating my cake to a friend, Emsie, her mum is having a coffee morning in December for charity, so I thought she could raffle it off. I am glad it is going to a good cause and someone else can enjoy it.
I am going to carry on and do the intermediate cake decorating course, it will take place at Brenda's shop but not till next year. I am looking forward to it, as I have really enjoyed this course and have learnt a great deal.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cinderella Cake for Freya.

Here is a cake I have done for a little girl called, Freya, who will be 4 tomorrow. They wanted the cake to be similar to a cushion that Freya has so I took a picture of the cushion and made the cake from that. I was really nervous making this cake, as it took me a while to figure out how I was going to do it but I managed to do it and I am pleased with how it came out. I hope they enjoy it!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Baby in a Pram.

This is a cake that I have done for a lady, Maureen, who works with my mum. it's her granddaughter's third birthday today so I thought this cute little baby and teddy sleeping in a pram would be ideal. My mum rang this evening to give me the verdict and they absolutely loved it!

Avila's Garden Cupcakes.

On Monday I looked after my niece, Avila for the day and as usual in Blackpool it was pouring down with rain! So we decided to make some cupcakes, we went with a garden theme, making bumble bees, ladybugs, butterflies and flowers from sugar paste and I was really impressed with how good she was at doing this. Once the cupcake were made, we covered each cupcake with green sugar paste, as this was the grass and then we decorated them. Avila seemed to really enjoy herself and it certainly kept us busy for a few hours!