Friday, 18 December 2009

Christening Cupcakes.

On the 6th December, myself and my partner, Steve, were godparents to our friends children, Rhys and Alecia.
So I decided to make some cupcakes, as I thought it would be a good chance to show off my creations and also a nice little treat for everyone on what was a lovely day!
I made 40 vanilla cupcakes in the pink/blue spotty cases, each cupcake has white sugar paste and then either a pink or blue teddy bear, that I had made from sugar paste and then either a pink heart or a blue star. I colour co-ordinated each cupcake to match the pink/blue spotty cases that I had bought.
I also made 40 double chocolate fudge cupcakes, I have made these quite a few times and they always go down really well so that is why I went with these again plus they are one of my favourites!
All the cupcakes were eaten, which is a good sign plus I had a lot of people, throughout the day, telling me they were gorgeous!

I had a lovely day and I am extremely pleased that everyone enjoyed the cupcakes, it was such an honour to be asked to be a godparent, especially because Rhys and Alecia are such great kids!

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